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Injoy Food and Fitness: The Healthy Abundant Life

Injoy Food and Fitness gives clients techniques and advice to make living healthy easier, cheaper, and more efficient. With so many people putting health to the side due to their busy lifestyle, our simple approach to food and fitness keeps clients on track to hitting their goals.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone, or just eat healthier we can help! Our site gives useful lifestyle tips, healthy recipes and creative workouts that challenge you both physically and mentally. If you are serious about getting the results you want by creating life-long habits Injoy Food and Fitness is the answer.

About Injoy Food and Fitness

Why work with Injoy Food and Fitness?

Our clients understand that food and fitness are important components of a holistic healthy life. And let’s be honest, maintaining your health and fitness can get frustrating if you can’t make it fun, effective and relevant to your life.

Our Food Philosophy: Healthy food that doesn’t suck. Real, natural food without compromising flavor.

Our Fitness Philosophy: Our workouts should challenge you not matter your fitness level. The movements we use are functional and effective for maximum results.

Our Lifestyle philosophy: The healthy abundant life is a life worth living.



Meet the Injoy team

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Injoy Catering

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  Injoy  creates delicious, healthy, chef inspired catering for luncheons, special, and networking events. Our recipes are made from scratch and carefully crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients. In addition to our regular menu, we also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options for our clients with additional adjustments upon request. Contact us today for a catering quote today!

Injoy Fitness

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Injoy Fitness and workouts get you the best results in a short amount of time. Each workout involves a series of challenging activities with short rests in between. Injoy's HIIT Workouts provide the busy working professional or mother a hardcore workout that will get you results in just 30 minutes.

Injoy Community Outreach

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They say the right information corrects the wrong behavior. We love to provide cooking demonstrations and tasting parties for community outreach.  Our education seminars include healthy cooking basics, Nutrition 101, and physical training classes for your group. Contact us to bring Injoy services to your company.

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Watermelon Mint Juice Recipe

When I think of this watermelon Mint Juice, I think of one word: hydration. Maintaining proper hydration helps the body assist in elimination of waste, metabolic cellular function, and helps lubricate joints. Every system in your body including respiratory, digestive and circulatory system requires water to do its job. That is why the body is […]

Chicken Avocado Pesto

Pesto is a popular italian sauce that includes basil, garlic, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and pine nuts. With these few simple ingredients, pesto packs a ton of flavor and unfortunately, a lot of saturated fat. Besides the fat content, if you’ve ever purchased pine nuts at the grocery store, you know they are extremely pricey. I […]

Get the Intense 20 Workout Program Today

Intense 20 Workout Program

The Injoy Intense 20 is a collection of extreme workouts designed to take your body to new limits.  Strength and conditioning coach Chris Haywood designed the workouts to provide maximum intensity in 40 minutes or less. The program features workout technique, specific reps and sets, and a calendar to follow.


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What Other’s Think of Injoy

Injoy provides a creative and capable way to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it provide beneficial information, but Injoy also provides research to support it.  I’ve had the pleasure to taste it’s delectable food and I would recommend Injoy catering services for any occasion.


My experience with Injoy was nothing less than amazing! Injoy provided superb service and professionalism with the 2013 Star of Texas Awards. With less than 4 weeks to prepare for this prestigious event, Chris and his staff helped create arguably the best reception to date.

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Working out with Chris has helped me loss weight, become more agile and conditioned. I’ve lost over 20 lbs with his nutrition advice and tough workouts. Chris always keeps me guessing with some crazy workout

d'angelo abs

I’ve been working out with chris for over two years and I really love the work he does. Not only has he helped me my workouts, but he also did an awesome job helping me prepare healthy food. He even came to my house to show me how it’s done

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